Saturday 27 November 2010

Snappy, stylish and swirling.

I'll set the scene. It's an evening with the night's sky blazing full of stars, not a breeze or chill in the air and Chet Baker is playing with his band, crooning away with his oh so cool jazz. You are dressed in your divine, one of a kind, eco pixie, romantic, poetic dancing dress, feeling fabulous... 
The ever so handsome beloved is holding you lightly around the waist and in this version of the dream he actually knows how to dance (sorry darling). Some of these things in reality are still within your reach, some, sadly, perhaps not.

Maybe that new years resolution will once again be to enrol in dance lessons.

I think enthusiasm, love and laughter brings out the best in any situation. Nature's beauty always puts me on a natural high and the energy of this collection I have been working on just makes me want to sing and dance.
Lucky I don't do youtube.

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