Tuesday 24 May 2011

"It wasn't me..."

                    "Well it certainly wasn't me!"

... blimey, i think something is starting to happen here, could it be... wool?

(beautiful teapot and cup by Caroline Poinsignon, my favourite french potter. just incase youre wondering.)

Tuesday 10 May 2011

For the dust to settle...

Let me just begin by saying moving a family from one hemisphere to another is not a blink of an eye job. Alas. And those predictions of how long it will take for the dust to settle after such a journey, are far from the sad reality.
Being a mother, wife and artist, well lets just say that there we have the true order of responsibilities and demands. Logistics coordinator is a better title I believe. And so, yes I have neglected my duties here on this blog, with a meer smattering of the occassional bark photos to try to tide the viewer over in a promise of things to come, inspirations to be followed up on in due time. 

Alas, today is another such entry, but for a change I am giving you some shots from my recent visit to a favourite place in my home region of WA.

As for the work, well the studio is set up and fingers are predicted to come into contact with wool and silk fibres in the, dare I say it, very near future. Maybe if I get off this computer it may even happen today. Throw yourself in girl...