Wednesday 17 November 2010

Festive season natural splendors

My gallivanting period would appear to be over, temporarily (referring to my earlier entry). One, because it is now often too cold. Two, because it scares the sheep that are about to have their lambs. Three, I can't pin down my photographer Smita, who is busy living her own life. And four, because I am just too busy felting to get outside and frolic. 

 So here follow a few mannequin shots, to give a sneak preview of the pieces I have been creating in the last few months. I've got to say I am certainly on a roll (apologies for the pun, felters), and am very excited about what my inspirations are leading me to.

Between tree barks and Jane (darling) Austen, poetic verse is seeping through my veins and into the silken wooly works that you see before you.

Hand printed silks with plant leaves, then felted together into glorious combinations fit for a queen!

Perfect for the upcoming festive season, for all those gorgeous evenings at the festivals, theater, concerts, parties and goodness knows what other beautiful events you have up your sleeves for the end of the year.

Let's hope it involves plenty of romance!
Not to mention champagne...

These pieces will be on display at the Salon des Artisans d'Art at Toulouse in December and eventually in my etsy boutique, just in case your taste buds are tempted.

Bonne fin d'année!
Have a great end to the year!

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