Monday 28 October 2013

Finalist 2013 Australian Craft Awards

Thank you to all of you who have voted for my candidature in the 2013 Australian Craft Awards. I am thrilled to be a finalist and the final judging will be this Friday. For any last minute votes, please click on this link:

Being an artist certainly has its high and low moments, especially dealing with the fluctuating financial market that ebbs and flows at such an unpredictable rate. Any special recognition for a quiet artist who finds self promotion not a natural instinct, is certainly much appreciated! 
Best wishes,

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Vote in the 2013 Australian Craft Awards

Please follow this link to cast your vote in the 2013 Australian Craft Awards.

Hurry, votes must be in by next week. It's easy and quick and you can feel good about helping an Australian artist gain recognition for her work! Much appreciated, every vote helps. Please feel free to pass this on to your friends via facebook or email. 

Tuesday 8 October 2013

Inspiration in the Central Desert

Kings Canyon, Northern Territory, Australia
One of my main aims with moving our family to my native land of Australia three years ago was to instill in my children a love of this ancient land. While moving to Sydney has been exciting and stimulating for us all, in my heart I knew it was not what I consider to be the real Australia. Having grown up in rural Western Australia, my favourite memories of childhood holidays are of camping in Kalbarri and exploring the Murchison gorges and a combi van adventure to Kalgoorlie and the surrounding region, looking for gold and exploring the dry landscape with its fields of wild flowers. That dry beauty took root within me and has never left. And so in this last school holidays my family and I have had a fantastic adventure to the Central Desert of Australia. Id like to share some photos with you as it was beyond my expectations in scope of beauty, fascination, spirituality, sheer wonder. 
Rock formation, Kings Canyon
We spent two weeks hiking and camping in the desert. The temperature was around 36°c and the rock pools where a highlight at the end of the hikes. The colours were suburb, the abundance of flora was astounding. Fauna was wonderful and I'm grateful the snakes were discrete.
Swimming at Ellery Creek Bigpond

The kids got over their fear of crocodiles when I finally convinced them they are not in the central desert.
Ormiston Gorge
Sunsets and sunrises were particularly beautiful with the highlighting of rock formations...
Uluru at sunset

Yes it hardly needs an introduction. But it was vastly different on close inspection that I thought it would be. You have to see it to believe it. Phenomenal. The hike around it is very long and even starting at 6 am we still found the ending gruelling with the heat.
Uluru at sunrise, up close and personal
Such a different landscape to what I had expected from one of our most photographed national icons.

It was amazing that after we set off from Alice Springs with the borrowed 4WD from our extremely kind friends (thanks so much Darren and Marion!!!!!!!!!!!!), within one hour the change had descended on the family. We had our three bags of groceries and an esky full of ice and drinking water, and the seemingly endless background hum of 'can i have...' from the kids just dropped away. No shops, no icecreams, (not to mention no cafe latte or wine for mum), hand washing, sleeping on the ground in a tent, it was all so grounding. Slow down. This is now. So present. So much to absorb the attention and NO MOBILE COVERAGE. What a gift! We haven't had a family holiday ever without my beloved at some stage keeping up with work correspondence, which means one is never truly away from work. Go to the central desert!! Fantastic. I truly think it's the best family holiday we have ever had. So together in the moment. That's something I'm not always the best at, such a future planner, but now that I've tasted it I'm bitten. I love it out there. My heart is still there, waiting for the next meeting.

Sand drawing, Uluru

This was a sand painting done by 'Uncle' at Uluru, where he explained a story of the local Aboriginals and a songline of the region, where they sing this story to the other tribes throughout Australia. Fascinating and beautiful.

Arial view, NT

The flight back from Alice Springs to Sydney was one long scenic flight! Outside my window I felt like I was flying over a moving carpet of Aboriginal art, it was one continuous abstract painting, breathtaking.

Arial view, NT
Hopefully this will be as unforgettable for my children as my own holidays in the desert were for me as a child and will instill the love and respect for this land as I so hope. Planting seeds, who knows where they will run.