Wednesday 5 November 2014

Thank you

While I was teaching nuno felt making yesterday to some lovely enthusiastic ladies, something important was happening in this city of Sydney. It was the memorial service for one of Australia's past prime ministers, Gough Whitlam. For those of you overseas who read this blog, as well as my fellow Australians, I would like to share a couple of amazing youtube recordings from this memorial. Noel Pearson's speech is incredibly moving and educational in its synopsis of how important Whitlam was in creating contemporary Australia with its aboriginal rights, not to mention endless other achievements. In a day and age where it is hard to find politicians to truly respect and support, it was incredibly cathartic to hear and reflect on Pearson's words and Whitlam's achievements.    

highly recommended viewing 

In Full: Noel Pearson remembers Gough Whitlam

followed by 

"From little things, big things grow": Paul Kelly, Kev Carmody remember Gough in song

Like my heirloom seeds that keep reseeding and becoming stronger and stronger, I hope these sentiments of tolerance and equality will also reseed and grow stronger with new and current generations. 


  1. Here's to ongoing tolerance & equality! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the links, which I will watch later today. from Jenny in Melbourne

  2. hi Jenny, please do watch them. I just did again with my children and husband, explaining the significance of the sand pouring in the hand by Gough. I get teared up every time I hear or watch that song...