Wednesday 11 June 2014

A stitch in time saves sanity

Keeping sane while sitting in a hospital waiting room for many hours. Morning tv was threatening my sanity with lipo suction, botox, pet insurance...

An ideal way to pass tedious waiting time, that can be continued whenever calmness is needed.

Various samples of eco prints from jars and experiments. Mostly cellulose fibres such as hemp and linen. Stitched with dyed silk threads.

These few I waited to unwrap from the workshop. Below are the hidden secrets. They then got stitched in to the piece.


  1. Beautiful shapes, colours & textures.....a beautiful project to keep your mind calm and your fingers busy. Sorry that you had to spend time at a hospital.

  2. Thanks Jenny, nothing serious, just knee maintenance. I think it's kick started a new passion!