Monday 24 June 2013

Soul food

There's nothing like a light sprinkling rain, mild autumn conditions and mowing the lawn. This in my younger permaculture days was referred to as 'green cancer', (the lawn) however now that I am in later years with kids, a dog and chickens, not to mention the worm farm, compost and improvement of soil always in mind, those humble grass clippings are worth celebrating with each lazy mow! So, back to the light rain and post cut grass. Then there was the delight of spreading it over the layers of leaves and chicken manure/straw from cleaning out the chicken coop... chores that are nothing like chores but rather make me sing. Seeing those little seeds self sprouting... (rocket, peas, borrage, marigolds, radishes, tomatoes...)  I garden using heritage seeds and so have the thrill of these self propagating each year by themselves. Love that!! Plant them once then sit back and watch the chaos of nature sprout up in all the cracks and crannies! Fabulous!

It's so nice to see the soil improving. We only moved here a year ago and the first year I bought a whole lot of heritage seeds from 'diggers club', only to have most of them grow but not fruit as the soil was so poor and I didn't water much. But, they are now continuing and going to seed and so I can start again with a million seeds of my own in the following season. I also sewed some of my peas and stunningly fragrant sweet peas from last summer's collection. They are fantastic. Purple and magenta with a scent to make you close your eyes and think of childhood...... ahhhhh, heavenly.
With light rain, its so calm, quiet, and it all gets watered by its own. So, happy happy day. Hope you had one too. x

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