Tuesday 31 July 2012

Searching for serenity

June saw two of my creations being worn to celebrate love and commitment on two different sides of the planet. I feel extremely honoured to have my work treasured so. Lovely images to follow when life falls back into place for these wonderful, ecologically conscious brides...
My family and I returned to France during this time for work and to see family and friends. To dive into French early summer was divine to say the least.....  

On returning to the south west, I was instantly stunned by the calm that penetrates the soul. Granted, I was on holiday, which makes one slow down hopefully. But I was struck by the pace of life which is so much slower than that of Sydney, even when one lives in the outer suburbs with nature over the back fence. It did make me grieve and feel guilt at taking my children away from this wonderful environment.

It's complicated for sure having a multi national/cultural/lingual family. It's certainly a wonderful thing also. As a parent, making choices for the greater good of the family can be a heavy task. We know we are extremely lucky to have choices, to be able to move to the other side of the world for work, for family, for cultural experience, for language, for education. You inevitably gain in some senses and lose in others. 

Back in Sydney that treadmill pace of life has swept us up again, with school and endless activities and demands pulling at my sleeve. I am trying to remember that field of sunflowers and its peace, to have that serenity descend upon me... Thank goodness for the sunshine and the huge trees and those pesky bright squawking birds that I love so much. 
It is a pleasure to see my kids claiming their Australian heritage and exploring this land, its people and its ways. Difference is a wonderful thing to be appreciated not grieved and I am certain serenity can be found in the most unlikely places when searched for, if I can just remember to do so.
I wish you peace.

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