Tuesday 27 December 2011

Take two

So back to the drawing board, post que sera sera, I still had to begin again for my custom order. During this time the olive dress has found a home and is jetting off to Spain, with a pretty appropriate name for such a jaunt!

 Second time around, I did go to the beach and do the big soak in preparation for the dyeing. Then dried, then dipped in milk and dried. Finally came the eucalyptus dyebath, which tended to look like a milk tea in a saucepan. Did the trick though and the final colour was what I was aiming for. Only hicup with this mordancing is the odor of milk that requires a good vinegar soak after several washes with olive oil soap, as its an odor that is not the easiest to remove. A good scan on the net led me to the vinegar soak, which will perhaps need to be repeated again. I think I'll try the soy milk option next time I need to dye cellulose fibres.

 Reversible cotton muslin and silk nuno felt dress.

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