Wednesday 12 October 2011

Carbon tax

The emissions trading legislation passed the House of Representatives this morning in Australia. Reading the channel 7 news story on yahoo, it is as antagonistic, fear mongering and simple minded as I assumed it would be. Mr Abbott's comments are as self projecting as ever, where his only interest is to be elected, with absolutely no global perspective of responsibility for the well being of this planet. I cannot say I am 100% behind Julia Gillard, I was personally happier with Kevin Rudd. He was the first Australian prime minister in many years that I could raise my head about and not feel ashamed of. From my distant perspective from the northern hemisphere I felt he was the first for a very long time to realise that Australia is a part of a whole planet, where we are just one group of diverse people sharing the land, water and air with many others and where our actions affect the whole. Unfortunately the prevailing feeling in Australia is all too often that we own this land, we can do as we like with it and no one else should make us feel guilty of exploiting it to the best of our abilities. We are a nation of ostriches, rather than emus.
When I returned to Australia this year I was relieved it was a labour government for one and I am now relieved that this carbon tax that is so needed, has finally gotten the green light. Stop panicing Australia, and take a pause from watching the television. You dont need to be told by the media what is right, what is correct and just. Just quietly listen inside of yourself for a moment and look at nature around you. If you dont want to pay more in the form of this very small tax in reality, then consume less. That is the whole point. Reduce. It's the only sensible future. Unfortunately it doesn't matter how many wise people tell us in simple terms the stark reality of the future of this planet. If it doesn't touch the pocket of the common person, they won't change their current way of living. Hence why this tax is just the beginning of what is needed to try to wake up this nation and many others.
This land is one of ridiculous levels of consumption. Sydney is the most blatantly self indulgent city I have ever seen in Australia and it saddens me. You only have to drive around the suburbs on throw out day to see the excessive wealth and disconnection to the consequences of production and its pollution. There is little respect for the earth on the front lawns. Sigh. 

So thankyou to the house of representatives.....


  1. Thanks Jo, it's reasuring to know someone agrees with me!

  2. Gina, I totally agree with you when you say "Consume less. Reduce. It's the only sensible future".
    Instead of complaining about the small tax, we could start what India Flint calls as " a return to a slightly smaller life". A life where we know how to grow or make, care and mend what we have so we do not need so much. I mentioned about her book "Second Skin" in my blog last month. I enjoyed your post, thank you :)