Sunday 6 February 2011

A ruthless ancient land

Hello my ruthless ancient land, where your natural forces are frequently reminding us that we are only small, often inconvenient specks on your surface, forever vulnerable to your unleashed passions of wind, water, fire, sun...

I am one of your returned wandering daughters, who allows herself to be blown by your breezes (so far gentle), as i try to find my place in my homeland, but not yet my home.

This french-australian hybrid is slowly uncurling, adoring the sweltering heat of your powerful lungs, the eccentric electric birds, the massive arms of the elegant trees and the peeling, falling skins of these giants, the taste of the salt in the sea... 

The unique natural wonders of this continent so long alone, abrupt, uncompromising, always refills me with a feeling of steadiness, balance, of trust, despite nature's perhaps capricious or maybe just misunderstood behaviour.

I feel very alive here, and that's always a good thing.

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