Monday 21 March 2016

Eco printing on paper...

I've been playing with paper recently, exploring leaf printing on different types of paper. A lovely way to pass some time on the deck, in the breeze.

Great for making cards or exotic writing paper, if you're a romantic nostalgic like me who doesn't find an electronic text has quite the same charm...

I also like the layers of leaf litter you can create, much like lovely mulch on forest floors.

A nice activity to do with kids too. How about an eco birthday invite? To a craft party..? 


  1. Hi Gina, its Abi here. These look beautiful! I have been wanting to try the eco-printing on paper but really didn't know what kind of paper to start with. What do you recommend? Thank you.

  2. hi Abi, these are various types of watercolour papers and some lovely indian handmade paper. Experiment with a variety, its lovely how they vary in tones when they take up the dyes.