Monday 2 December 2013

Felt making course 2014 in Sydney

Looking for a felt making course in Sydney? Then look no further! This is a 9 week course I will be running in term 1 of 2014 at Killarney Heights. That's northern beaches area of Sydney. It's a morning course to be run on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday morning, depending on when suits most. So get in quick and contact Belinda at My Kids Art, on 0412 278 278.

This course caters to beginners or intermediate felters, introducing you to the basic techniques of wet felting using only wool, soap and water to create felt. Also nuno felting, and how to create 2D and 3D items. You will design your own items and be guided in how to make them, such as a scarf, hat, a bag, shawl and a tunic, time permitting. Plenty of wonderful experiences to get you on your own journey of creating unique felt items of your own.
Don't delay, places limited. Contact Belinda on 0412 278 278. 
My Kids Art, Shop 2, 1-15 Tramore Place, Killarney Heights. 

Friday 15 November 2013


My latest collection is now on sale with 15% off to help celebrate the end of year in style and originality! 

Add coupon EARTHLOVETHANKS to the checkout from my etsy store and the above prices will be reduced by 15% at the final payment. Fantastic savings for a wonderful end of year celebration. Enjoy!

Eco chic creations for those end of year parties and work functions, perfect for making you stand out from the masses in your original creation that cherishes nature and your body. All natural fibres and natural plant dyes, a positive earth celebration with one of a kind poetic beauty. 

Created by hand in Sydney by myself. Inspired by the Australian landscape, made with soap and water combining merino wool fibres with silk fabric. Dyed by hand using eucalyptus leaves, bark, indigo, walnuts, onion skins; many things from nature to create unique patterns onto the fabrics. All one off creations, all unique, delicate, poetic, romantic and extremely sensual and comfortable on the skin. Perfect for many seasons, add a scarf or shawl for colder months or alone for warmer seasons. 

I also take custom orders for creations made to your specification, don't hesitate to contact me to create something special for you.

Thursday 7 November 2013

Eco dyeing workshop at Timeless Textiles, June 2014

Here is a flyer for my eco dyeing workshop next year at Timeless Textiles. It's running on the 7 -8th June 2014 at Newcastle NSW. Contact Anne on the address below for more details. For other courses I may be running, contact me directly. I am currently planning for next year. I will be teaching felting courses as well as natural dyeing, so don't hesitate to contact me to discuss further. 

For more info email

Tuesday 5 November 2013

My journey on a postcard

I recently googled my name as you do, but under images. What a beautiful surprise I found waiting for me. Here are two snapshots from that collection. I find it a fascinating glimpse of some of my journey so far, some things I had even forgotten.

It is also interesting to be able to make links between things that previously I had forgotten the roots of. For example my trip to the central desert and my costumes for a dance group in Toulouse back in 2009. Pathways entwining and connecting silently within, like the roots beneath my garden compost. It's refreshing to revisit these memories. 

Monday 28 October 2013

Finalist 2013 Australian Craft Awards

Thank you to all of you who have voted for my candidature in the 2013 Australian Craft Awards. I am thrilled to be a finalist and the final judging will be this Friday. For any last minute votes, please click on this link:

Being an artist certainly has its high and low moments, especially dealing with the fluctuating financial market that ebbs and flows at such an unpredictable rate. Any special recognition for a quiet artist who finds self promotion not a natural instinct, is certainly much appreciated! 
Best wishes,

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Vote in the 2013 Australian Craft Awards

Please follow this link to cast your vote in the 2013 Australian Craft Awards.

Hurry, votes must be in by next week. It's easy and quick and you can feel good about helping an Australian artist gain recognition for her work! Much appreciated, every vote helps. Please feel free to pass this on to your friends via facebook or email. 

Tuesday 8 October 2013

Inspiration in the Central Desert

Kings Canyon, Northern Territory, Australia
One of my main aims with moving our family to my native land of Australia three years ago was to instill in my children a love of this ancient land. While moving to Sydney has been exciting and stimulating for us all, in my heart I knew it was not what I consider to be the real Australia. Having grown up in rural Western Australia, my favourite memories of childhood holidays are of camping in Kalbarri and exploring the Murchison gorges and a combi van adventure to Kalgoorlie and the surrounding region, looking for gold and exploring the dry landscape with its fields of wild flowers. That dry beauty took root within me and has never left. And so in this last school holidays my family and I have had a fantastic adventure to the Central Desert of Australia. Id like to share some photos with you as it was beyond my expectations in scope of beauty, fascination, spirituality, sheer wonder. 
Rock formation, Kings Canyon
We spent two weeks hiking and camping in the desert. The temperature was around 36°c and the rock pools where a highlight at the end of the hikes. The colours were suburb, the abundance of flora was astounding. Fauna was wonderful and I'm grateful the snakes were discrete.
Swimming at Ellery Creek Bigpond

The kids got over their fear of crocodiles when I finally convinced them they are not in the central desert.
Ormiston Gorge
Sunsets and sunrises were particularly beautiful with the highlighting of rock formations...
Uluru at sunset

Yes it hardly needs an introduction. But it was vastly different on close inspection that I thought it would be. You have to see it to believe it. Phenomenal. The hike around it is very long and even starting at 6 am we still found the ending gruelling with the heat.
Uluru at sunrise, up close and personal
Such a different landscape to what I had expected from one of our most photographed national icons.

It was amazing that after we set off from Alice Springs with the borrowed 4WD from our extremely kind friends (thanks so much Darren and Marion!!!!!!!!!!!!), within one hour the change had descended on the family. We had our three bags of groceries and an esky full of ice and drinking water, and the seemingly endless background hum of 'can i have...' from the kids just dropped away. No shops, no icecreams, (not to mention no cafe latte or wine for mum), hand washing, sleeping on the ground in a tent, it was all so grounding. Slow down. This is now. So present. So much to absorb the attention and NO MOBILE COVERAGE. What a gift! We haven't had a family holiday ever without my beloved at some stage keeping up with work correspondence, which means one is never truly away from work. Go to the central desert!! Fantastic. I truly think it's the best family holiday we have ever had. So together in the moment. That's something I'm not always the best at, such a future planner, but now that I've tasted it I'm bitten. I love it out there. My heart is still there, waiting for the next meeting.

Sand drawing, Uluru

This was a sand painting done by 'Uncle' at Uluru, where he explained a story of the local Aboriginals and a songline of the region, where they sing this story to the other tribes throughout Australia. Fascinating and beautiful.

Arial view, NT

The flight back from Alice Springs to Sydney was one long scenic flight! Outside my window I felt like I was flying over a moving carpet of Aboriginal art, it was one continuous abstract painting, breathtaking.

Arial view, NT
Hopefully this will be as unforgettable for my children as my own holidays in the desert were for me as a child and will instill the love and respect for this land as I so hope. Planting seeds, who knows where they will run.

Wednesday 11 September 2013

Design Plus at Newcastle and last days for Enclothed in Ecology

I had fun at up Newcastle for the Design Plus event last Saturday. Once again I was charmed by the friendly enthusiasm of the Newcastle public as they passed by our stand outside of Timeless Textiles Gallery.

I was showing some eco dyeing techniques and nuno felting while meeting such interesting people! Many were keen to attend a course, so Anne is taking names for a dyeing and stitch course I will be running next year. Contact myself or Timeless Textiles for more details.

Last few days to catch my exhibition Enclothed in Ecology, which finishes this Sunday at Timeless Textiles.

Tuesday 3 September 2013

Your vote in the Australian Craft Awards 2013

Last few days to vote for my candidature in the Australian Craft Awards. Please follow this link if you would like to support my work.


A collection of eco friendly nature inspired clothing made from sustainably sourced silk and Australian merino wool. Each piece is unique and created by hand, a combination of nuno felting and natural dyeing using plants. The works are sensual, sculptural and original. 

Project Creator

Gina Mastio Studio
Gina Mastio

Project Team

Me, myself and I, plus a few gum leaves here and there.

After completing a BA in Fine Arts (Sculpture) at Curtin University in 1992, followed by a diploma in Permaculture, I then set off to see the world. This eventually led me to marry and live in France for 11 years, where my longing for the Australian bush saw me combine my interests of nature, sustainability and textiles into creating eco clothing.

I began selling my work in France and online in 2009. My family and I moved to Sydney in 2011 and I now continue my creations from my beloved homeland.

I create both collections and bespoke orders and my work is in private collections in Europe, North America and Australia.


Since childhood I have been enamoured with the Australian landscape and in particular with the 'skin' of the eucalyptus tree. I adore the power of the land and our humbling vulnerability upon it. Growing up in WA, trips to the Pilbara embedded a deep appreciation of this stunning landscape.

I contrast the strong relentless beauty of our landscape with the soft, comfortable clothing I create. I believe a harmony is achieved and it is my way of paying tribute to our environment.

I love to combine smooth, shimmering silk with merino wool by nuno felting. I sculpt the texture depending on how the silk and merino fibres are laid together. Using vegetable oil soap, water and much rolling by hand, the fibres naturally bond together. The result is a textured surface that imitates layers of bark and rock formations. The colours are obtained from eucalyptus leaves, bark, walnut hulls and other plants.

These natural fibres and plant dyes are vital to me. With our skin being our largest organ, I believe it is essential to lessen the chemical overload we absorb from most clothing, food and household products today.

Design Challenge

My challenge is to create wearable art that is beautiful, original, ecologically responsible and of course comfortable and practical to wear. These are pieces that are slow creations, to be cherished for many years. They are appreciated by a variety of age groups, being loved by their owners for being feminine, poetic, one of a kind, ecologically respectful and delightfully comfortable.

Wednesday 28 August 2013

Costa for Prime Minister?

Sighting of Costa - he is so animated it's hard to capture him in focus!

I had the pleasure of meeting Costa Georgiadis at the As Sustainably As Possible expo last Sunday at Marrickville. He is brilliant, I wish he would run for Prime Minister!! Goodness knows we need him....everything he said made so much sense, was so passionate and very wise, as well as humorous and astute. I've always admired him, but in real life he is so much more than on telly!  

Thanks Costa, because of your lecture and workshop I've now gone back to my garden and started my season with enthusiasm and renewed energy. And I'll be taking you up on the promise to visit my kids' school as well!

Monday 19 August 2013

As sustainably as possible expo, Marrickville

It's turning into a busy season for me. I will be at this great event this coming Sunday in Marrickville, Sydney. Come along, it's going to be a great day for all the family. Even Costa is going to be there! Brillo!
Check out the facebook page for more details here:
Come and say hi!

Dont forget to vote for me in the Australian Craft Awards here

Wednesday 14 August 2013

Tonight tonight, opening tonight! Enclothed in Ecology

Phew, all that work done. Now its time to enjoy! If you're in the area, tonight at 6pm there will be a lovely gathering at Timeless Textiles Gallery in Newcastle, so come along. There will also be a parade of the creations amongst the hubble and bubble of wine and yummy food. Here is the collection that will be on show:
My etsy store above will be rather empty until after the exhibition...

The exhibition will be on show until September 15th 2013.

Tuesday 13 August 2013

Shortlisted for 2013 Australian Craft Awards

I have entered the Australian Craft Awards under the category of Fashion- Apparel.  To see my candidature entitled 'Eco Clothing Collection' and hopefully to cast a vote, please follow this link:

Voting is open to both the marketplace and the design industry which uniquely allow consumers of craft a voice in the voting process.

Finalist and category winners in the 2013 Awards will be determined by a combination of a judging panel, industry and marketplace votes - by the average score across all three respective votes. This ensures that the Awards showcase the best of the design industry as determined by the market, industry and the panel.
So if you like my work, please cast a vote for me by registering to vote. Its simple and fast. Many thanks!
Best wishes,

Image by Lucas Jarvis

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Enclothed in Ecology exhibition

For anyone in the Newcastle area, come along to Timeless Textiles on Thursday 15th August for the opening of my latest exhibition. Love to see you there. The collection will be on display for one month. 

Thanks lovely Meg. xxxx

Monday 15 July 2013

Natural indigo dyeing in Lauris, France

Well lucky old me. My Franco-Aussie family and I have just returned from a near month in France. Whilst I was there I was thrilled to partake in a course of natural indigo dyeing with the master of indigo, Michel Garcia. This was at Couleur Garance in Lauris, Vaucluse. I love that region and it was a pleasure to return to Lauris for a second course in natural dyeing. This advanced course was one I have been wanting to do for years and was so lucky to find that it fell on the one weekend I could attend. The stars must have been well aligned for me! Here are a few photos of the very exhausting but extremely stimulating two day course. 

I highly recommend attending a course at Couleur Garance if you speak any french and if not, the medieval village and dye plants garden are well worth visiting for pure pleasure. Don't miss lunch on the terrace of the chateau with a glass of rosé.... or a special garance cocktail. 
More to follow...

Monday 1 July 2013

A stitch in time...

A journey including

an experiment

an onion

a surprise

a passion

and a dress.