Friday 12 June 2015

Abbot passes wind

I am so tired of listening to the stupid comments by the men that are running this country at the moment. Daily, it is a competition to see who can say the more ignorant comment. I am afraid I cannot refrain myself from responding to the latest (yet not greatest?) ridiculous comment by Mr Tony Abbot.
""Frankly it's right and proper we've reduced the Renewable Energy Target because as things stood there was going to be an explosion of these things right around our country," Mr Abbott said.
"There will still be some growth but it will be much less than it would otherwise have been thanks to measures this Government has taken."
And he is proud of this? In his criticism of said wind turbines and specifically from his experience of riding his bike on Rottnest island, I was affronted. I too had the pleasure of riding with my family around 'Rotto' earlier in the year, but my feeling was of quiet relief at the fact that the island manages to supply a large amount of its energy from these wind turbines and are a wonderful example of where this country should be heading.
When oh when are we going to get back to a government that is up to this day and age and its challenges and not just concerned about keeping the big backers in pocket and themselves in power. It's shameful that you represent this country to the rest of the world.

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  1. Yes, why is Australia so backward on renewable energy, when many other countries are embracing it? Why isn't Australia one of the leaders of renewable energy technology?
    Yes, I too wish our politicians would think more, before they open their mouths!
    Watched a great show on Four Corners last year, Power to the People (7th July '14) about renewable energy and how other countries are putting so much into research of renewables and how Australia is falling further behind in this new industry.