Tuesday 3 February 2015

Felt making courses at Mosman

2014 saw the beginning of felt making classes at Mosman Community College. I had the pleasure of meeting wonderful people and introducing them to my favourite medium, wet wool felting. It was a delight to see curiosity bud into enthusiasm and wonder, as we transformed beautiful merino wool fibres into a new textile form, felt. Using only soap, water and what we often joked as a potential gym workout (rolling the felt), participants went home with new unique creations and a feeling of accomplishment. They discovered new avenues of expression and artistic creativity within themselves, as they increased their skills through each course. 

Courses are one or two sessions, that can be added to within the term or later in the year, as the addiction for felt making takes hold! Several students began the introduction courses making woollen scarves, then followed with making hats and bags, then learning nuno felting where we combine the woollen fibres with fine fabrics such as silk. Once this technique is learnt, it opens up the possibilities to create clothing, such as unique tunics and then jackets. 

I also teach eco dyeing of textiles using plants, which can be used with hand felted fabrics or with natural fabrics such as silk and wool. Always an amazing day spent over the cauldron!

I am very excited to be offering these courses again in 2015 and can't wait to meet some new and past creative people as we continue to explore and discover this wonderful form of textiles art.

New term starts next week, for course details click here:

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