Wednesday 1 October 2014

School felt project finished

The school felt project is finally finished. After the first lesson where the kids drew their mini beasts with merino wool, the second was wet wool felting using soap and water. From there, I joined the pre-felt white squares together using white merino wool. Then with the help of 26 enthusiastic pairs of hands, they each rolled the large felt forty times. Then we unrolled and threw gently the felt in a bundle on the table, watching it shrink down to its final size. 
Lots of fun and giggles as they learnt a new technique for creating with. (that isn't based on a screen!) I love to show that with natural materials, soap, water and your hands, you can create many beautiful and functional pieces. A skill for all ages.

It will now go to auction at the school as part of a fundraising activity. Each class had to create an art work in any medium to put into the auction. Each of the children who helped make this piece would like to own it for themselves, so I hope one of them is successful in the bidding. 

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