Thursday 24 May 2012

A very long engagement

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of meeting a young woman through this blog, where through the magic of internet and typing in a few key words that were important for her, she found my work. We both live in the same city and it was a meeting of minds so to speak. She desired a special dress for that special day, but one with integrity and beauty, not your off the shelf meringue if you catch my drift...
From memory I think the search words were permaculture, natural dyes, wedding, felt (its a winter wedding), sydney... and if you put those together I think you probably end up with me!

So with many pleasurable cups of green tea, discussions of chicken coops and the pruning of fruit trees, not to mention public permaculture gardens later..... including a whirlwind course in natural dyes as she got hands on in dyeing the fabrics from self collected bark which is a story in itself...  plus a good month full of designing, felting and preening those feathers, we are nearly there.

Now it wouldn't be right to show the bride and her natural wedding dress before the big day, so I will only give a sneak preview (please forgive me dear!) and you can see the full spendor in another month or so. Beautiful days....

Made from responsibly sourced silk and Australian organic merino wool. Naturally dyed using eucalyptus bark, sap and onion skins.

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