Saturday 23 October 2010

Butterflies like natural dyes

Smita and I were taking some shots of my recent work on a lovely sunny autumn day, when who should happen along but these little butterfly friends.

They seemed to be attracted to the scent of the natural dyes in my clothing and were constantly fluttering around us, extremely happy to be included in the photo shoot.

The madame herself, who spends her evenings in company with Jane Austin, comfort reading.

Not influenced at all...

(I'm convinced Mme Austin would have been a determined ecologist if alive today and the combination of extremely astute, wise and articulate heroines she created mixed with strong environmental convictions would have made a stunning combination... )

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  1. Hello gina
    just some little words to say that I really love your blog and your work. It's a real pleasure to read you and discover your universe.
    Your creations are wonderful (especially the coat above :-) .
    thank you for the dream you share.